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I'm a runner and have had issues with knee pain, after seeing Dr Tim I'm now able to run pain free in the knees. He as also helped with lower back and shoulder issues as well.


My back had been consistently sore for years from my time in the military.  Then one day during deadlifts it felt like a rubber band went off in my back and I was down, walking was unpleasant so I decided to try dry needling.  Dr. Tim is great, explains everything, listens, and genuinely care about you as the patient/athlete succeeding.  After my first session my back felt better than it had in what seemed like years. A few days later a little tightness came back, still nothing like before though, so after a week I went in a second time and since then I've felt great and was back to lifting heavy that first week. No more sucking it up for me. When my body feels somethings not right I'll get treatment instead of dealing with it for months thinking it will pass and stopping my training. 


I suffer from chronic headaches and a sore back.  I was very skeptical of having dry needling done even after my doctor recommended it.  The next step would have been pain management but I didn't want to rely on medication the rest of my life.  My friend had been going to POPs so I decided to give it a try.  It truly changed my life.  I have more days headache free than not and my mobility is improving. I honestly recommend trying alternative means before anything else... here, you fix the problem drug-free rather than just cover it up.


I am an avid runner and while training particularly hard this summer I started experiencing some significant pain in my hip.  Due to the fact that the race was only about 6 weeks away and the fact that I trained so hard, I wasn't about to miss the race.  I went to Dr. Tim and told him that I needed help to get through the rest of my training and ultimately run the race.  I went to him once a week for about 5 weeks where he did a combination of dry needling, cupping, and deep tissues manipulation.  It wasn't a first time miracle fix.  It took a few sessions and me doing some other stretches and exercises that he recommended before I really noticed a significant decrease in pain.  Bottom line: he got me through the rest of my training, I ran the marathon, AND ran my Boston qualifying time.  No I plan to go to him in order to rehab my hip! I highly recommend him to all you runners out there experiencing any sort of nagging pain. 


From sitting at my job to working out I get very tight in my traps which causes tension headaches.  Dr. Tim was able to use dry needling in certain areas to release my muscle pain.  It took one treatment and I was feeling great again.


I had elbow tendinitis for over three years.  It was throbbing at rest and limiting activities.  I had tried physical therapy as well as chiropractic therapies with no relief.  Dr. Tim did dry needling as well as made me aware of body mechanics and gave me some therapy to do at home.  I am finally paid free.  Dry needling is definitely something I would consider before other therapies in the future.  It was quick and effective.  It was also less expensive than traditional therapies under my insurance plan.  Dr. Tim does a great job explaining the process of dry needling and giving in depth, individualized rehab. 


Half way through my marathon training I started having serious issues with my hip and glute muscles.  Thanks to Dr. Tim and his dry needling technique I will be running that marathon in less that two weeks.  I really appreciated that Dr. Tim took the time to find out my running goals and work out the best treatment plan for me! 


In 2008 I had a back injury while running.  I have been seeing a chiropractor and massage therapist ever since.  I have done the compression therapy, stretches, working out to strengthen my core and anything else I can to keep improving.  The one thing I wasn't able to get rid of was the constant aching and burning sensation in the lower back, across the sacrum and along the sacroiliac joint area.  I decided I'd see Dr. Tim because I had heard of the great results people were getting.  I could hardly believe that after one dry needling session and a little soreness, the burning and aching was gone.  It actually felt weird to not feel my sacrum after 8 years of always aching.  I am so happy with the results.  Dr. Tim did a great job at explaining everything he was doing and also sending me home with stabilizing exercises.  Thank you so much!

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